Fresh Healthy Vending

Prior to 2006, it was hard to find anything in a vending machine that wasn’t loaded with sugar, salt, and all kinds of artificial ingredients. Our pioneers behind Generation Next envisioned a world where consumers could grab something nutritious and delicious on the go. The result? Fresh Healthy Vending with its groundbreaking selection of natural beverages and snacks from trusted brands such as Annie’s, Back to Nature, Blue Sky, Clif, Hansen’s, Horizon Organic, and Tazo. We didn’t just create a Fresh Healthy Vending. We disrupted the vending machine industry and created a movement.

In a world overrun with unhealthy eating, skyrocketing obesity rates and sugar-filled options, we empowered consumers to reach for something healthier and convenient with Fresh Healthy Vending. Its team embarked on a crusade to establish these new vending machines, stocked with much healthier alternatives, at more corporations, community centers, schools, hospitals and medical facilities, and workplaces. We were the first to offer tried-and-tested fresh, healthy snack options to satisfy the tastes of a rapidly growing market of health-conscious consumers.

There was indeed a ravenous appetite for this new concept in snack delivery. Within a few years, Fresh Health Vending successfully blanketed North America with its machines and expanded into the Bahamas. There are now 246 active franchises throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, and the Bahamas. This represents 3,500 machines that generate historical revenue of $6 million annually. Today, Fresh Healthy Vending is projected to generate ongoing recurring revenues of $1.2 million and profits annually.

The passion, knowledge, and expertise behind Fresh Healthy Vending will help you lead the charge in creating healthier communities. Through strategic alliances with organizations that include Smart Snacks In School and the Wellness Lives Here initiative in partnership with American Diabetes Association, Fresh Healthy Vending remains at the forefront of healthy vending options for communities everywhere. In response to successful market penetration, franchise sales halted in May of 2016. Corporate focus shifted to solidifying, maintaining and supporting established franchise network as Generation Next pivots to introduce its Reis & Irvy’s frozen yogurt robotic machines. Forward sustainability of Fresh Healthy Vending will be generated through vending machine sales, consumable sales, franchise royalties and advertising fees