Reis & Irvy’s

Customized. Delicious and revolutionary. The Reis & Irvy’s “FroYo Kiosk” is the first fully automated frozen yogurt robot vending machine to ever hit the market. This amazing kiosk serves up to nine incredible flavors and a choice of six delicious toppings in just 60 seconds or less. It’s a fully enclosed point-of-sale system that offers an interactive, robotic kiosk and incredible sensory experience. The anticipation begins as the robot goes through its fluid gyrations, creating delicious frozen treats and a visual performance for consumers of all ages. Imagine a creamy, delicious customized frozen yogurt created just the way you want it and served by an endearing robot.

Suddenly, your location is a hot spot for the coolest frozen treats around. Reis & Irvy’s is the exclusive franchise brand of Generation NEXT, the company behind the highly successful Fresh Healthy Vending LLC, which is the market’s leading healthy-choice vending machine franchise. Today Generation NEXT is poised for another hit as it prepares for its next Reis & Irvy’s robot rollout.

Generation NEXT licensed the Reis & Irvy’s trademark from Robofusion, Inc., in February of 2016. Then a few months later, this company agreed to sell all intellectual property and registered patents to Generation NEXT. Though still in its infancy, with the initial introduction of 11 Version 1.0 robots in operation, these machines are creating excitement, fun and customer engagement wherever they are placed. Since it’s launch in April of 2016, Generation NEXT has sold 750 robots from 175 franchisees for our newest patented vending robot. By fiscal 2018, the Company estimates the sale of 1,000 robots.

The company anticipates launching beta-phase production in November/December, followed by full-scale production in 2018 with an anticipated rollout of approximately 250 units per month. Soon the Reis & Irvy’s experience will change the landscape of the frozen yogurt world forever.