As Nationwide Rollout Gains Steam, Here’s What Reis & Irvy’s Franchisees Have to Say About Their New Businesses


As seen in Yahoo Finance.

Generation NEXT Franchise Brands, Inc. (VEND) is forging ahead with a nationwide rollout of its robotic frozen yogurt and ice cream franchise, Reis & Irvy’s, and early reviews from franchisees, now up and running with their own unattended, robotic vending kiosks, have begun to arrive.

Here’s what they’re saying, in their own words:

Peter Shapiro, Lankenau Medical Center and West Chester University, PA

“It’s awesome for our family to have such a prestigious hospital as our first location — and it’s right in the neighborhood where we all grew up. From the minute we rolled the machine into Lankenau, the robot has kept busy selling around the clock. People just love the product. It’s made by Dannon and people just go crazy for it. Once they learn it’s only 108 calories, they choose the yogurt over a Snickers bar,” said Peter Shapiro of Wynnewood, PA. “Most of our sales are actually in the evening but our day rush is still fairly strong. I’ve spent a lot of time at our location, watching customers and their interaction with the kiosk, and I’m happy with what I see.”

Michael Bingham, Texas Medical Center, Houston, TX

“We’re thrilled,” said Michael Bingham, whose Reis & Irvy’s robotic vending kiosk is installed at the Texas Medical Center. “Support from headquarters has been phenomenal. We’re on our second machine, a ‘second generation’ machine, which the company provided and installed on August 21st, replacing our existing “first generation” machine. It was certainly worth the wait to stop and get the production right – things are going very well right now.”

David D’Olympio, Canton Ice House, Canton, MA

David D’Olympio of Rockland, MA is proving that ‘froyo’ knows no boundaries with his first Reis & Irvy’s installation at Canton Ice House in Canton, MA which features two NHL-sized hockey rinks. Home to several local area high school teams, an elite private club program, several local youth hockey programs and a premier figure skating club.

“My robot has been working perfectly – no issues, no breakdowns,” David said of his Reis & Irvy’s kiosk installed on August 20th. “Already, kids will sit there and watch the robot and marvel at it. They come back with their parents. They love it,” David said.

“Kids and other customers don’t touch anything besides the touchscreen and the local health department were shocked it was so easy to clean. It’s the first of its kind in Massachusetts and it took time for [the health department] to realize they had to re-write the rules.”

Kris Barlow, Oklahoma Christian University, Oklahoma City, OK

A former Quiznos franchisee, Kris Barlow isn’t new to the franchise business model, but is ecstatic about the low-maintenance, low-overhead opportunity provided by Reis & Irvy’s unattended, robotic technology.

“I almost feel guilty how easy this is,” Kris said. “I spent just four hours the first week making sure I figured things out with the machine. It’s not difficult. It’s basically plug-and-play.

“The cost of goods is controlled; there is very little cash involved thanks to the variety of payment methods accepted; and the break-even is so low I almost don’t have to think about it,” Kris added.

“Most of our sales are actually at night. We do 70 percent of our business from 4:30pm to 8:30pm,” Kris said.

“The Camaraderie is Inspiring”

Nick Yates, Chairman of Generation Next Franchise Brands, described Reis & Irvy’s franchisees’ camaraderie as “inspiring.” “Franchisees who have robots installed across the United States and Canada are coming together to share their experiences, tips and advice with one another and the rest of our network. The feedback and support that franchisees are beginning to share amongst themselves, and the community that has been formed, speaks volumes to the product and program,” Mr. Yates said. “It’s also very easy to forget that one of the most attractive elements of our concept for franchisees is not just its exclusive nature, patented technology, diverse location opportunities and delicious product, but the fact that if a location doesn’t perform, it can easily be moved – with our support – to another location. That’s something no brick and mortar competitor can claim.”