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Reis & Irvy’s

Customized. Delicious and revolutionary. The Reis & Irvy’s is the first fully automated frozen yogurt/ice cream robot vending machine to ever hit the market. This amazing kiosk serves up to nine incredible flavors with a choice of six delicious flavors and six toppings, and its interactive, robotic design makes it a unique experience for consumers of all ages. Imagine, creamy, delicious customized frozen yogurt or ice cream creations served by a robot that creates excitement, fun and customer engagement practically anywhere it is placed. The Reis & Irvy’s experience is changing the landscape of the frozen yogurt and ice cream world forever.


Print Mates

The Print Mates Kiosk puts reliable and quality photo printing at customers’ fingertips while allowing you the business owner to earn profit from each sale. As innovators of technology and the new leaders in photo printing, we are striving to revolutionize the industry by making it fast, fun and inexpensive to get your photos out of your phone and into your hand.

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19 Degrees
Corporate Service

19 Degrees Corporate Services found the optimal model for advancing our innovative automated retail technology while reducing risk and maximizing returns to investors. Getting the technology perfect, having the best people committed to building it, building in volume, and securing the best real estate are the keys to our long-term growth.  We have seen what happens when we install a kiosk that operates without failure and within a top tier location. It’s incredible!

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